Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions


ASSA is the acronym for ASEAN Social Security Association.


ASSA represents regional co-operation in the area of Social Security in the ASEAN region. As a non-government association, it seeks to promote the development of social security in its member countries in line with the aspirations, laws and regulations of such countries. It was developed as a forum whereby its member institutions could exchange views and experiences on social security issues. The five main objectives of ASSA are:
  • To promote the development of social security in the region in consonance with the aspirations, laws and regulations of the member countries;
  • To promote regional co-operation in all areas of social security activities;
  • To exchange experiences and information on social security;
  • To work in co-operation with other social security institutions in the region and in East Asia, and with similar or related organisations of social security in any part of the world; and
  • To co-operate in the defence, promotion and development of social security schemes through training, seminars, consultations and dialogues, among others.


ASSA was officially set up on February 13, 1998, with the formal signing of the Memorandum of Agreement in Bangkok, Thailand.


ASSA unites together the best minds on social security protection in Southeast Asia. It aspires to harness and maximise all efforts to achieve progressive and sustainable social security protection within the region. In time to come, it will certainly play a significant role in the development of social security protection in the region. It will also become a vibrant, dynamic and respected association in the region.


The launch of the ASSA website in September 2000 was an important step taken towards fostering closer exchange of experiences and co-operation among member institutions. Other major activities undertaken since its establishment include the publication of ASSA News, the compilation of the Social Security Profiles, Good Practices of ASSA Member Institutions and introduction of the ASSA Recognition Award.


All social security organisations in ASEAN can send their applications to the ASSA Secretariat for approval by the ASSA Board. Click here to download application form ; view the guidelines for ASSA observers.


For queries pertaining specifically to the member institutions, please contact them directly. For queries relating to ASSA, you may direct them to the ASSA Secretariat.